Advantages of Data Entry

No technology is capable of recognizing data characters as well as the human eye. In fact, "accuracy" rates in the data conversion business are typically determined by comparing the results of a conversion process with a visual examination of the source documents.

Simply put, the most accurate data detection device is the human eye. Consequently, keying is the ideal form of data entry.

Keying provides assurance that your data is reliable because you can specify a guaranteed accuracy level for your information. The accuracy of information becomes increasingly important as the size and volume of information resources increases.

Direct data entry or keying is very affordable, particularly in light of the importance of accurate data. Consider the following:

"The information supply available to us
doubles every 5 years."

-- Richard Saul Wurman,
Information Anxiety

But -- you do not have to double the supply of errors

"Up to 60% of an employee's time can
be spent verifying inaccurate data."

-- Paul Traxler

Keyed data eliminates the loss of productivity associated with verifying data because the information is reliable.

Department of Labor Studies indicate that by the year 2000 more than 40% of all workers will be employed in gathering, processing, retrieving or analyzing information.

Decisions made on the basis of inaccurate data will be inaccurate decisions. Inaccurate information results in increased costs, decreased productivity, and lost revenues.

Keying provides the best cost-benefit between accuracy and price and gives assurance of reliable data that translates directly into bottom-line savings.

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